A Step of Faith

This blog thing has completely come out of the blue, and this is how I know it is of God.   I had never been interested in blogging, or even reading a blog before.  Full disclosure: I’m not a writer, in fact, writing is something that I avoid because I do not feel gifted at all in this area.  And every time I’ve said “I’ll never…” God plops me down in the middle of my “Never”land and shows me that I’ll actually enjoy it. 

It’s been two years since my first symptom of Post-partum depression reared it’s ugly head.  Journaling was crucial in my recovery and I’ve always enjoyed it anyway.  It’s how I process things.  A butterfly feeling would arise in my stomach whenever I would sit down to write out my thoughts.   I’ve known this whole time that I was meant to share my journey with others; I just didn’t know how. I’ve prayed and deliberated, but when several people in a rather short amount of time all suggested that I blog or write a book, I took that as my dry fleece on wet ground. 

So, here I am!  On the world wide web!  Praying that God would use this opportunity to bring Himself glory through my words.  My goal is to share Biblical encouragement and the ideas I’ve come up with while hanging out with my two children.  Creativity and my faith are so intertwined that though the distance between them seems too wide, for me, they go hand-in-hand. 

“You call me out upon the waters, the great unknown where feet may fail. And there I find You in the mystery in oceans deep. My faith will stand.”                                                 
-“Oceans”   Hillsong

1 thought on “A Step of Faith”

  1. Hey, friend! I’m so glad you decided to start sharing your thoughts and words here. Looking forward to visiting this little piece of your “Never”land and reading, often. Love you!

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