First steps

I am not a doctor, counselor, or psychologist. I’m simply a Christian mother who walked through the valley of Postpartum depression (PPD) and desires to help any other mother with encouragement based on God’s word. I found it very difficult to find biblical material directly written for women going through PPD and had to work hard to discover things on my own. I discovered that there were two basic camps when it comes to this mental disorder: medical versus spiritual. Many believers would tell me that I just needed to endure and pray harder. Medical professionals said that I just needed medicine. Well, it was the combination of both of these things plus other ingredients that provided me with a well-rounded recipe to recover. The aim of this blog is not to diagnose or treat anyone. That should be left to the professionals. The aim of this blog is to provide a more convenient place for people to find hope from the Scriptures. I will be sharing very raw experiences and what the Lord taught me through this stormy season. I pray that God would use these words that I type to bring Himself glory.

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